Dr. Meaghan Dishman ND, LAc, MSOM
Functional Medicine Naturopathic Doctor
Licensed Acupuncturist, Registered Yoga Teacher
Dr. Wendy Weintrob ND, MSOM, LAc
Naturopathic Doctor, Licensed Acupuncturist


At Glow, we specialize in alternative therapies for individuals of all ages suffering from insomnia.

What is Insomnia?

Sleeping problems and insomnia affect millions of people every day. Insomnia, by definition, is the habitual inability to sleep. Even one night of sleeplessness can have harmful effects on our energy levels, our decision making abilities, and our overall sense of well being.

Untreated insomnia often causes significant disturbances in our health. Pharmacological therapies are prescribed in 95 per cent of cases and include sedative drugs, antidepressant drugs, pain suppressors, and antipsychotic drugs. At Glow, we stray from these side-effect heavy "symptom-fixers" and work to get to the core of your sleep disorder.

How does Naturopathic Medicine treat insomnia and sleep disorders?

Naturopathic doctors conduct thorough intakes and physical exams to help determine the cause of a patient’s insomnia. At Glow, Dr. Weintrob creates comprehensive treatment plans that may combine nutrition, lifestyle counselling, botanicals, and traditional Chinese medicine, depending on each individual's needs. You may benefit from acupuncture, which can promote healthy sleep. In all cases, we treat the whole person as opposed to single symptoms.

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