Dr. Meaghan Dishman ND, LAc, MSOM
Functional Medicine Naturopathic Doctor
Licensed Acupuncturist, Registered Yoga Teacher
Dr. Wendy Weintrob ND, MSOM, LAc
Naturopathic Doctor, Licensed Acupuncturist

Chinese Medicine at Glow


Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that involves the burning of mugwort, a Chinese herb, to facilitate healing.

Moxibustion, the process of burning Moxa above the skin can be very effective for many conditions including back pain, muscle stiffness, headaches, migraines, tendonitis, arthritis, digestive disorders, anxiety, and female health problems such as menstrual cramps, irregular periods, and fertility.

Who benefits from Moxibustion?

Fertility patients
Moxa can stimulate follicle production and warm the uterus.

Pregnant patients
Moxa can turn a breech fetus during the 8th month of pregnancy and help to inducing labor as it can increase uterine contractions.

Pain management patients
Moxa can help alleviate pain associated with arthritis, neck, and back pain.

What can I expect from Moxibustion treatments?

Patients enjoy the warmth and find it very relaxing. The heat never gets close enough to the skin to burn. When applicable, patients can be shown how to administer this treatment at home. When indicated, Moxibustion maybe incorporated with an acupuncture visit.

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